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Unique Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Unique Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Unique Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

If you are a fan of coffee or know one who is, here is a list of perfect gifts for coffee lovers everywhere.

All these gifts come with their unique stories how they came in existence. So what can be better than having a cup of coffee with your friends and telling them stories about what you own.

  • Malnad Coffee 

    Ever experienced the joy of sipping something which is truly Indian but comes with a super rich flavor. Somewhere over the Sahyadri mountain range, lies a region, Malenadu. Covering the western and eastern slopes of the Western Ghats in the Karnataka region of South India, this blend is what we like to call classic south Indian filter coffee.These beans are carefully roasted to give you a sweet, caramelized sugar and Glucose biscuit like flavor with a bitter-sweet aftertaste. 

    Malnad Coffee Beans 250g Front

  • Coffee Cushions 

    Aaaahaa haan…you forgot to give the importance to your living area while sipping your favorite coffee. A coffee lover enjoys the most when he feels super comfortable and feels the place as his own. We bring you some cool cushions which are inspired from Swedish FIKA (coffee culture). Exclusively hand painted by the designer herself. A collection of 7 painted cushions, each defines love for coffee each day of the week.  

Shot4Shot6             Browse the site www.aatachi.com for other interesting options.

  •   Coffee Table 

    “Drink good coffee and Read good Book” And to do all two together you need something to hold your delicious coffee mug and that ever interesting choice of books in place. A modern reworking of elements of mid-century design, this handsome Coffee Table features a built-in storage .


DSC_5022 DSC_5023

  •  LUNA Roast Coffee 

    Ashakiran is an organic estate bursting with the liveliest Robusta coffee. Spiders and wasps replace chemical sprays as pest-control. Leaf litter from forest trees substitute chemical fertilizers. Butterflies and bees help pollinate coffee and maintain productivity in the absence of chemical inputs.

    A biodiversity-friendly farm like this is a playground for Luna moths. We hope to actively monitor Lunas to evaluate the impact of our efforts on such species.

    Taste : Fruity with dark chocolate notes coffee beans


  • Hand Painted TRAY

    How about serving your coffee love in the most appropriate way. This might help you in completing your coffee experience. These beautiful Trays are Handmade out of eco-friendly wood and decoupaged with self-designed paper. Once you are finished with your coffee use these for all those knick knacks that don’t quite have a place (jewelry, pens, keys, etc).

Botany_TRAYSML_Abhisarika01 Botany_TRAYSML_AABHA01

  • Quirky Coasters

    How about adding some fun to your daily coffee with these quirky coasters. Our research shows, it doesn’t take a super hero to rescue the world, Its just need some super coasters with great coffee.These definitely makes a perfect gift for someone who likes holding his coffee for long.

TBBTHBC01-a TBBTCCC01-aLets make our coffee delicious and the time even more interesting with these unique gifts, which are definitely affordable and comes with its unique designs and stories. This experience going to last forever.


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