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Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Moms come in many modes. While they all love basking in adoration on Mother’s Day (May 8 this year), their gift preferences are unique, reflecting their individual interests and personalities. Below is our 2016 offering of creative ideas for the many types of wondrous Moms and Grandmas.

Hand Painted Silk Dupatta 

As a girl she always tried to paint everything possible from her shoes to her T-shirts. If she is the one who likes the world of art and colors. This exclusively hand painted silk dupatta truly defines her with its hand painted skills and adds grace to her evergreen beauty.

Jugniz-Biege-Silk-Dupatta-001 (2)    Jugniz-Biege-Silk-Dupatta-001 (3)


For the mom who loves to accessorize: 

She is perfect blend of beauty and grace. Her love for accessories never ended since the time she was a child. She still makes little or big things for you at home. If it is so, this one fits perfectly for her list of gifts on this mother’s day. As this bracelet is 100% handmade by the designer herself which makes it truly exclusive.


For the mom who loves tea : 

We think this one fits for all the Moms to grand moms. Who said our mom doesn’t like tea. She is a huge tea lover. I have been seeing her collecting teas since the time I was a child. Make her blush with luscious strawberries and tangy black currants in green tea, perfect to serve her with breakfast in bed. Rogue in her cup, for the pink in her cheeks. Berry Blush Green Tea is luxurious green tea infused with real berries.



For the Mom who’s always in kitchen : 

Your mom have always been busy in her kitchen making those round breads or chapatis with her ever favorite rolling pin. If she loves them so much , we are sure its meant for her. This Belan wall Hook is ideal to gift your mom as a souvenir to her all time round chapatis. Roll it mom 🙂

DSC_5169 DSC_5173


For the Mom who never stops : 

Mom loved you back when you made her run after you whole day and she never stopped. She is still always on her toes to do the best for you. With these handcrafted sandals , you can return the favor, in a grown-up way.

Untitled-36 copy Untitled-35 copy

For the mom who needs to relax :

We all saw our mom doing our laundry and using those buckets to store water or wash clothes. Technology replaced the buckets with Washing machines. Its time to give her back those memories with lot more comfort. Bucket stools are set to be her favorite sitting passing all the hard work in the past.


For the mom who loves to style :

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