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Radiant Cut Diamond Mirror

14,685.00 INR

Exclusive and Unique Products by Lohasmith.

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Our Diamond Cut Mirrors utilize shadows and reflections to mimic the depth and sparkle of this versatile and always trendy jewel.

The Radiant Cut Diamond Mirror retains the elegant trimmed corners and radiant facets that have made this cut such a popular selection for modern jewelry.

Made of mild steel and Colored with a gold powder-coat, this architectural jewel will bring intrigue and spectacle to any room it adorns.

Care Instructions: Dust frame with soft dry, lint-free cloth. Keep glass clean and free of dust – use a damp cloth to remove stains, dry immediately using a soft, dry lint-free cloth. Caution: Heavy item. Make sure anchors are attached to wall securely.

Product Dimensions:




Box Size : 51 X 7.5 X 39

Material : Mild Steel, Glass & MDF

Weight : 16.5 Kgs

Technique : Hand-welded frame

Designed by : Lohasmith