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House Warming Gift Set – Combo 2

3,450.00 INR

Different technique of products by Wonkyworks.

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House-warming Gift: Give something green instead of the usual meethai and flowers! The House-warming Gift Sets from WonkyWorks are the perfect quirky gift to start off a new home. All products are made from up-cycled glass bottles, are kiln-formed in a furnace at 700°Celsius and are food-safe, fade-proof and washable. Go green now and show off your lack of carbon footprint!

The House Warming Gift Set 4500 has 4 Appetizer Plates, 1 Book Hand, 1 SuperBatli, 1 Sleeping Pint and 1 Chappat Planter.

Appetizer Plates: What better way to showcase your appetizers than on top an actual real flattened glass bottle. Your guests won’t know whether to talk about the wine, the food or the awesome Appetizer Plate. Handy to hold and great for informal sit-downs, cocktail parties or tea parties, these plates won’t let you down 🙂

Book Hand: Read an old book, chuck an old bottle? we say not…. The wonky Book Hand is so smug 🙂 made from an almost thrown glass bottle, saved in the nick of time to hold your precious books, it can easily fit 4 paperbacks and is perfect for your bedside or your reading nook.

SuprBatli: We all love heroes don’t we? and now presenting the superhero of bottles! Is it a planter, is it a holder, is it a book stand? The all new SuperBatli!!! Use the SuperBatli to green up your table or desk, show off your carbon footprint (or lack of) or just make an awesome cool reading nook… Made from upcycled glass bottles, the eco-friendly SuperBatli is kiln-formed in a furnace at 700°Celsius, is fade-proof and washable and ready to use – just pop in some books and a flower and you’re good to go 🙂

Sleeping Pint: A little quirk on a plain old pint, and voila… table dressing for any surface. For those who like minimalist and quirky… make your pint sleep and bloom away… presenting the Sleeping Pint!

Chappat Planter: Something for your plants or your flowers. Something to brighten up a grey day or a grey mood. Something for your hallway, your kitchen or for that tiny bit of empty space on the living room wall. For city flats and spacious old bungalows. Who doesn’t like a bit of green around?

SUPER BATLI: L -13/ W – 11/H – 19/W – 500
SLEEPING PINT: L – 8.5/ W – 7.5/H – 21/ W – 260
2 BOTTLE VASE: L – 13/ W – 8/H – 18/W – 520
BOOK HAND: L – 11/W – 12/H – 13/W – 400
APPETIZER PLATE: L – 10/W – 29/H – 2/

Weight  – 440 grams each / 1760 grams total

Designed by : Wonkyworks

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