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Hobby Board – Choodi art

1,900.00 INR

Choodi (Bangles) Art collection. This one is created by using the small broken bangle pieces. The vibrant bangle colours make this collection very bright and colourful.Each piece is handmade , so the actual product might slightly differ from what you see in the image.

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A combination of white board and pin board. This is something we all need in our day- to-day lives.

To pin-up important papers and to write down our things to do.This product comes with a white board marker , duster and board pins.

Care Instructions : The product is nice and sturdy. If some dust settles on it , just wipe with a cloth. For the white board , if you write with a permanent marker by mistake , just use water to clean it. You could occassionally clean the pinboard with a coat brush or a toothbrush.

Material : Wooden

Size : 23*20*1

Weight : 2.5

Designed by : I Value Every Idea