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649.00 INR

Our minimalist concrete designs aim to celebrate distinctive style and flexibility through versatile usage. This exquisite work of art is individually designed and hand-poured with lots of care and compassion.

It may contain slight irregularities in color/texture/Air bubbles as is concrete’s natural characteristic and this beautiful tactile quality is what makes EliteEarth’s concrete designs a unique treasure to convene.

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This grey and white, dual tone,Sleek and modern, is a great office accessory to hold pencils on your desk. Also, it holds exactly what you need it to and nothing more – you can’t overload it so it never looks cluttered!

Care Instructions: Concrete is a fragile product, avoid jerk. Wipe dry with damp towel. This product is not food safe. Refrain from products used for direct consumption.


• Concrete is a glorious natural product, and being so raw it is recommended that the product is kept out of contact with oil and other greasy substances.
• All individual products will be slightly different and there might be small air bubbles being the beauty and stand out quality of the raw material.
• The measurements may vary slightly due to being handmade.
• Kindly contact us directly for further information.

Dimension: 3*3*3.75 Inches

Weight: 0.650 GM

Designed by: Eliteearth