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Concrete T Mark Planter Blue

899.00 INR

• Concrete is a glorious natural product, and being so raw it is recommended that the planter is kept out of contact with oil and other greasy substances.
• All individual planters will be slightly different and there might be small air bubbles being the beauty and stand out quality of the raw material.
• All concrete planters come with a drainage hole.
• All concrete planters come without plants.
• The measurements may vary slightly due to being handmade.
• The product comes with felt pads at the bottom of the tray to protect the surface of your furniture against any damage.

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Concrete T-Mark Planter- Blue Invertrix Collection

An enduring motif for traditional decor.

There’s something within us that craves to have nature to have a place in our living space, even if it’s only a slight accent here and there. A room without any houseplants can feel lifeless and dull. But even a single succulent placed in Eliteearths’ concrete planter can bring excitement to it.

Blue is a conservative and traditional color. It has a positive and non-threatening vibe and is universally liked. Simultaneously, blue is a sign of persistence and determination. The earthy, lotus-design of Concrete T-Mark Planter in Invertrix Collection, is created as small-sized concrete pots, and is available in different tones.

The lotus seed is known to endure thousands of years without water. Given its fascinating will to live and refusal to accept defeat the flower is generally associated with unwavering faith. Buy baton planters online to add an aura of self-belief to your room.

Styling Tip: Place this cement planter next to your bamboo furniture to give the room a modern-yet-vintage feel. Go vocal for local and set the cement pot next to a bold loveseat in earthy tones.

Care & Instructions: Concrete is a fragile product, avoid jerk. Wipe dry with damp towel. This product is not food safe. Refrain from products used for direct consumption.


Planter: 3.75*3.75*2

Tray: 4.5*4.5*.5

Weight: 0.650 GM

Designed by: Eliteearth