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Here’s Why The Good Old Rose Needs To Make A Re-Entry In Your Vanity

Here’s Why The Good Old Rose Needs To Make A Re-Entry In Your Vanity

Here’s Why The Good Old Rose Needs To Make A Re-Entry In Your Vanity

It must not be for nothing that roses have been a part of regal queen’s beauty regimes for ages. Yet, today we are falling for exotic ingredients and its coolest marketing tactics. After all, the more unheard and rare, the more beneficial should it be, right? Nope!

Remember how coconut and turmeric have always been desi powerhouse ingredients yet in growing modern age we didn’t accept it as part of our regime until we saw the west putting it on a pedestal. Let’s not wait for the west to pick up the glowing power of rose while you can still benefit from it all.



Here are seven benefits of this Mughal gem that will leave you trash your drugstore beauty products right now:

1. As a moisturizer

The natural oils from the roses can prove to be very moisturizing in this season of dry skin and chapped lips. You can either use essential rose oils or make a home-made moisturizing rose mask.

  • Soak some rose petals in water and paste them.
  • Also, paste a handful of almonds.
  • Now combine the rose petal paste and almond paste together and apply it on your face to remove the dead skin cells.
  • Leave it off for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water.
  • Follow this routine twice a week to keep your skin moisturized.

2. As an acne treatment

Roses have anti bacterial properties which aid in fighting acne and breakouts. They are soothing balms to irritated skin. You can try dabbing one drop of pure rose essential oil diluted with coconut oil on blemishes three times a day. Alternatively you can try a mask:

  • Soak some rose petals in water and make a paste out of it.
  • Apply it on your face and leave it off for 15 minutes before washing it off with cold water.
  • Apply this thrice a week to see the visible results.



3. As a makeup remover and skin toner

In between cleansing and moisturizing, we often forget about the importance of toning. Toning controls excessive oil and unclogs the pores. You can dab some rosewater on a cotton wool and wipe your face with it resulting in a glowing skin. Combine it with the goodness of coconut oil and there you have a make up remover. Here’s how you can make rosewater at home:

  • Lay some rose petals in water and allow them to soak in.
  • Once the petals have settled in the water, you can use the water to wash your face.
  • Follow this routine every day before going to bed for a smooth and glowing skin.

4. As a sun screen

Rich in vitamin C, rose petals work as an excellent sunblock. Being a cooling agent, it protects the skin from harsh rays of sun. In summers, it can easily be used as a face mist to instantly freshen up your face or makeup. To make it more effective, you can try mixing it with another summer friendly ingredient, cucumber. Here’s how:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of cucumber juice and 2 tablespoons of glycerine in a bowl.
  • Infuse the rose petals in the mixture and let it settle for some time.|
  • Apply it on your skin one hour before you go out to the sun.

5. As an eye-cream

There was a time eye creams were meant for mature, ageing skin. With today’s desktop jobs, our eyes shrink, squeeze and squint all under the pressure of work and stress resulting in dark circles and baggy and puffy eyes . Rose petals can prove to be a wonderful friend in calming and soothing our under eye area while lightening the skin to free us of our dark circle nightmares. Dab some rose water every night before sleep or you can use rose petals too. Here’s a quick DIY for your weekends if you’re too lazy to do it everyday:

  • Mix some rose water and lemon juice
  • You can add glycerin for added moisture too at this point
  • Dab some under your eyes and leave for 15 minutes before washing it off.


Although these masks are quick and convenient in theory, the hours in a day always seem less than the work load our office bombards us with. Naturally, that was the sole reason why you packed your vanity with drugstore bottles and tins. While still asking you to send it to trash, you can pick up these organic, real rose deal scrub and toner from beauty range of  Aatachi offered by Ma Botanicals.





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