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Why Diwali Shopping Is Much More Than A Tradition

Why Diwali Shopping Is Much More Than A Tradition

Why Diwali Shopping Is Much More Than A Tradition

Feeling the nip in the air? It’s not just the winter onset but the crisp whisper of festivities in the air. Lights and laughter, isn’t that what all the festive season is about? You make visits to long-pending guests, retouch your house furnishings to welcome some other and take a break to relax with your homies sipping a glass of wine.

But have you ever thought why do we splurge on new clothes, accessories while taking an extra effort to do up our curtains?

It’s not just a tradition but a fantastic opportunity to put on a show about who you are, how you live and how you foster your creativity through your fashion, home decor, parties and so much as the rangoli you work on in front of your main door.

Aatachi, a lifestyle portal showcasing unique designs from designers all over the country shares similar sensibilities in its fashion, home decor and lifestyle products.

What you wear speaks what you feel

Aren’t our fashion choices everyday stand up for how are we feeling? A crappy day doesn’t deserve more than a pair of baggy pants while good days have us flaunt the best of our flowy dresses. At the same time, festive seasons for one, are perfect occasions to experiment with our personal fashion style and put out a new us every season.

Aatachi’s exquisite designs channelise our inner festive feels perfectly with its unique fashion range. When our moods and feels differ, why should our style stay monotonous and typical?


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How you live speaks how you think

Our homes are our private spaces testimonial to our tastes, ideologies, and interests. The color of our walls, the quirky frames on our coffee table or the hard hitting quotes on our cupboards – all of it reflects our personality and our voice. Especially so, in a festive season when you have guests thawing your place, these little elements stand out to speak out your ideas.

Aatachi’s quirky range of home decor items are perfect handpicks to help us state out our taste and moods in bold designs and fun prints.

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How you carry the details speaks how you move

On surface, things like a bookmark, a pretty notebook, a quirky mouse pad or a piece of art might seem a frivolous spent. In reality, however, these tiny detailings speak volumes about our personalities. Mundane tasks become fun and peppy when you incorporate such details in your everyday life.

After all, art exists in every detail and act of life. Aatachi, for that matter, is a living personification of this statement. Its unique designer lifestyle products promise to pep-up chaotic work hours into productive and exciting work results.


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And there we have our answers to why certain traditions are still lived up the way they have been accustomed. While at one point, they made more sense to economically weaker middle-class Indians for whom certain festivals were the only occasion to treat themselves, today they have strongly translated to reflect our diverse moods and personalities.

This is a sponsored post for Aatachi, an enthusiastic online platform to encourage designers and their artworks to cater to a larger market. 

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